Like all construction tools, GPR is only useful if it is used properly. In order to ensure successful locates at your site, here are a few tips to prepare to ensure success:

  • Have a clear idea of exactly where the boundaries of your project are. Mark this out prior to the┬áday of locate.Road blocks
  • Ensure that you have traffic control in place.
  • If possible, restrict access to the area by equipment and vehicles.
  • Remove all obstructions to allow for a 1 metre clearance on either side of the unit.
  • Curbs, ditches, and landscaping are challenging. Understand that we may only be able to get information as close to these areas as the unit can stand on.

We can do a full walk-through of your site prior to your date of booking to help plan out your program to ensure a successful result. Contact us today for more information.