Like all construction tools, GPR provides the absolute best result when used properly. In order to ensure success at your site, here are a few tips to prepare before underground utility scan is completed:

  • Complete a BC 1 Call and have the information they provide ready and available. It is completely free to make a request and is the first step before any ground disturbance job. If you’re not familiar with this process it’s something we assist you with or can look after for you;
  • Have a clear idea of exactly where the boundaries of your project are. Mark this out prior to the day of locate;Block off area for underground utility locates to be done
  • Ensure that you have traffic control in place if required;
  • If possible, restrict access to the area by equipment, vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Remove all obstructions to provide the most possible access for our equipment to scan the area (see more about our equipment here);
  • Curbs, ditches, landscaping and other site features can be challenging. Understand that we may only be able to get information as close to these areas as the unit can stand on.

We can do a full walk-through of your site prior to scheduled date for your underground utility locates to help plan out a program to ensure a successful result. Contact us today for more information.