We use the LMX200â„¢ Ground Penetrating Radar as one of our main tools. Manufactured by Sensors & Software, the unit provides more than a view underground.

Geo-Referenced Output

Ground Penetrating Radar, LMX200

We can display your location and targets in Google Earthâ„¢ and other similar geo-referenced platforms. We can also produce data that will easily integrate utility locations into CAD drawings and GIS databases.

Map View On-Site Display

Using the optional external GPS, identified targets are displayed on the screen in real-time in a plan map view.

Field Interpretations

We can classify targets in real time and use the touchscreen to colour-code each target as it is located.

3D Depth Slicing

At complex sites, depth slicing reveals the orientation of pipes and cables at different depths and outlines the extent of vaults, foundations and buried tanks.

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